ANNOUNCEMENT: Toy Box Treasure Hunt!

ANNOUNCEMENT: Toy Box Treasure Hunt!

WOO-HOO!! We're pleased to announce our FIRST ANNUAL Toy Box Treasure Hunt! Winners will receive Limited Edition Collector Buttons designed by us, and the chance to win a $100 Toy Box Holiday Shopping Spree!

2017 theme: Quest for the King's Missing Toys

FOUR of the King’s most valuable and cherished toys have been stolen and the notorious Shadowsaur is the suspected thief!

Missing are the King’s well-loved Elephant Pull-Toy given to him by his Mother, a colorful spinning Top found in an old market during a journey to a faraway land, the Snare Drum he used when marching with the flag bearer during the War and the most favorite toy from his youth, his rainbow stacking rings made from 6 different colorful woods.

Professor Stanley has been called upon to help you find each of the missing toys. It’s up to you to decipher the clues to solve each puzzle then follow the instructions located on the back of the Stanley cutout from Toy Box Gifts & Wonder. You can pick up your copy at the store (42 S. Main St., Chambersburg, PA) or download and print your copy HERE!

Take a selfie with Stanley at each of the revealed locations and share your discoveries in-person at Toy Box Gifts & Wonder. As you correctly identify each mystery location, you will be awarded a commemorative button displaying the missing toy for that location. Collect all FOUR buttons and you will receive a special reward…a Golden Toy Chicken Button!

It's that simple! Stay up to date by following our Facebook Page here ==>

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Good luck!

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