Three Women and a Young Lady Walk into a Toy Store...

Three Women and a Young Lady Walk into a Toy Store...

So the coolest thing just happened…

Three women and a young lady came into the shop. They were bubbly, full of excitement, and me? I was behind the counter trying to finish up some vendor emails and shouted my typical, “Welcome to the Toy Box!” while my head was buried in tech. I let them browse around, then noticed they were each carrying stacks of toys… which in my experience, typically warrants a special occasion, which prompted me to stand up from my “head-down-in-tech” behind the counter position and say, “What’s the special occasion?”

All three of the adults said, “Birthday!”

The now nine-year-old young lady was beaming with excitement as all three women were asking, “Do you want this? What about that? Oh this is cool, want this, too?” and I immediately noticed the resemblance between them.

It turns out there were four generations represented… FOUR. And the youngest? It was like looking in the mirror as her mom said that she’d much rather have science kits, puzzles and building sets than your typical Barbie doll (my kind of kid!). She picked out some of my favorites, including the Detective Kit and Forensics Kit (that I’ve been dying to open and play with myself), some of our newest “smallest building blocks in the world” sets, and the By the Book puzzle to name just a few. Then they all kindly let me take their photo with Phil the Dinosaur… the youngling holding our birthday gift to her, the most adorable Birthday Pusheen. (Because what birthday is complete without a squishy plush toy?)

Such a FUN visit and by far one of my most memorable moments already in the barely two weeks we’ve been open! Thanks for your visit awesome family, we look forward to seeing you all again soon!

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  • Kelly Miller - July 28, 2017

    They are an amazing family and a blessing to all who know them!!!

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