SKU: KHTZ-01221

Create your own spinning fidget toy with the build-your-own HypnoGizmo Fidget Toy Activity Kit. Build it, string it, spin it... Use different colors, beads, and patterns to create a completely custom contraption!
This wild wonder keeps your hands busy and your mind engaged with its eye-entrancing, brain-bending kinetic flow. How many different versions can you make?
  • The HypnoGizmo Activity Kit includes:
  • 2 Hypno-loom discs
  • 1 Hypno-loom post
  • 4 Hypno-rings
  • 20 yards (18.2 meters) Hypno-line
  • 30 blue 8mm Hypno-beads
  • 30 orange 5mm Hypno-beads
  • 30 green 5mm Hypno-beads
  • Detailed instruction guide
  • Desktop display stand.
Once you pick it up, you can't put it down!