Treasure Hunt!

Quest for the King’s Missing Toys

We need your help! FOUR of the King’s most valuable and cherished toys have been stolen and the notorious Shadowsaur is the suspected thief!

Missing are the King’s well-loved Elephant Pull-Toy given to him by his Mother, a colorful spinning Top found in an old market during a journey to a faraway land, the Snare Drum he used when marching with the flag bearer during the War and the most favorite toy from his youth, his rainbow stacking rings made from 6 different colorful woods.

Professor Stanley has been called upon to help you find each of the missing toys. It’s up to you to decipher the clues to solve each puzzle then follow the instructions located on the back of the Stanley cutout from Toy Box Gifts & Wonder. You can pick up your copy at the store (42 S. Main St., Chambersburg, PA) or download and print your copy HERE!

Take a selfie with Stanley at each of the revealed locations and share your discoveries in-person at Toy Box Gifts & Wonder. As you correctly identify each mystery location, you will be awarded a commemorative button displaying the missing toy for that location. Collect all FOUR buttons and you will receive a special reward…a Golden Toy Chicken Button!

Week One Clue

Professor Stanley’s quest for the King’s lost toys lead him first to the King’s Stables. Stanley supposed that if the thief, the notorious Shadowsaur, wanted to escape quickly with the missing toys, he may have used one of the horses to do so.

The King had six horses, each one a different breed. In the first set of stables, Professor Stanley found a spotted  Appaloosa, a noble Lipizzan and an American Paint Horse.

Continuing his search, the Professor’s stroll through the second set of stables revealed a beautiful white Andalusian, a refined Morgan and an EMPTY stable. That’s odd, Professor Stanley said aloud. The King’s Friesan is missing! He immediately summoned the Holstler to the empty stable.

”I believe the Shadowsaur thief escaped with the King’s Friesan!” Stanley proclaimed. We must search for evidence!

As he explored the empty stable, Professor Stanley discovered a rolled up piece of paper containing a mysterious puzzle. Excited and curious, Stanley realized that he had just uncovered his first clue. After a few moments of clever calculations and creative thinking, the solved puzzle confirmed what Professor Stanley had suspected…if he finds the King’s missing Friesan, he will also find the exact location of the first missing toy.

Here is the clue discovered by Professor Stanley…

Week Two Clue

Professor Stanley’s celebration over his discovery of the first clue was short-lived as his musings were suddenly interrupted by a most peculiar and distant sound.

Being a student of Campanology, Stanley recognized the sound immediately and headed Northbound in the direction the sound came from. Growing closer to the resonant sound’s origin, Professor Stanley once again heard it echo a second time and then a third. ”Most peculiar!” thought Stanley, “It’s only half past 10, yet I distinctly heard three knells.”

Drawing near to the sound’s source, Professor Stanley’s training convinced him that he had indeed been summoned to this site by an anonymous friend wanting to help him discover the missing toys. As Professor Stanley pondered the location of the sound and it’s proximity to the King’s castle, a flash of brilliance revealed his next course of action.

Taking two steps forward then pausing, Stanley proclaimed, ”Aha! The sound IS a clue, but to what?” That question was soon answered as Professor Stanley walked forward four more steps toward a nearby wall. Closer investigation of the wall revealed a strange inscription carved into it just below the window.

Here is what Professor Stanley discovered...



A few folks asked for another clue for puzzle two, so here you go. Both the story AND the puzzle reveal the location. That’s actually the case for all four puzzles.  But with this week’s puzzle specifically, the last row of numbers represents a sequence for the numbers above it. The correct sequence of numbers reveal the EXACT location...if you know what I mean.  Good luck. Oh and BTW...the sound is important.

Week Three Clue

After two weeks of traveling the countryside in search of the King’s missing toys, the small inn on the horizon near the Hood Mountains was a welcome sight for Professor Stanley! His ongoing travel gave him plenty of time to ponder the first two clues he had uncovered revealing the first two toys.

While he was happy with the progress he was making, the fact remained that the Shadowsaur thief still had two of the Kings toys. The worst part was that Professor Stanley wasn’t sure where to search next. The trail to the toys’ location had grown cold. Perhaps dinner and a good night of restful sleep would aid in helping him solve the mystery and discover the final two toys.

Walking into the smallish inn, Professor Stanley had only two words on his mind…EAT and SLEEP! After a delightful meal, Professor Stanley retired to his chamber. He was happy to have a bed to sleep in after the long journey. As he was lying down, Stanley noticed a small open journal with a message scribbled in it.

Tired but curious, Professor Stanley quickly read the note. The message appeared to point back to where he had begun his toy investigation. Professor Stanley wondered if he had somehow missed an important clue there. Too tired to give the note additional thought, Professor Stanley drifted off to sleep. Perhaps his dreams would reveal the note’s secrets.

Here is what was written in the journal…

Dearest Komora…
We go West to Owls Ranch by nightfall.
We few meet her by the mare stall.


Week Four Clue

Only ONE toy remained! Even though the Shadowsaur had been both clever and elusive, Professor Stanley was pleased with his progress! Based on the three mysteries the Professor had already solved, he had a pretty good guess on which direction he needed to head next. He would visit his longtime friend, Tenaj.

Tenaj was a Belgian weaver by trade and creator of the King’s world-renowned tapestries, the most famous of which was his beautifully woven series, “The Hunt for the Unicorn.” He lived in a small town downstream from the Hood Mountains called Glenhamlet, whose name means “small village in the deep valley.”

Glenhamlet was a delightful place to visit because many of the King’s finest craftsmen lived and worked there. The town’s festivals were well-known by all who lived throughout the Kingdom and the Professor’s impeccable timing meant he would be arriving just in time for their most famous festival of all…Fontein.

A quick knock on the bright red door was met with smiles and a big hug! It had been some time since Stanley had visited with Tenaj and, walking in to his humble cottage, everything still appeared the way he remembered it. After hours of stories, food and drink, Professor Stanley shared with his friend the reason for his surprise visit. When asked if the Shadowsaur had passed through Glenhamlet, Tenaj acknowledged that indeed he had.

“I thought I might see you soon, Professor,” Tenaj said softly, ”especially after seeing the Shadowsaur come through.”

“I wove a special tapestry for you that will reveal what you are looking for!”

Professor Stanley thanked Tenaj for his generous and enlightening gift. At first glance, the Professor thought it was a map of Glenhamlet because the layout of the shapes mirrored the town’s creative design. It was then Professor Stanley noticed the clue Tenaj had woven into the tapestry. The professor smiled and quickly proceeded to the secret location the clue revealed.

Here is the tapestry Tenaj wove for the Professor.

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