Behemoth by Safari Ltd.

Safari LTD

SKU: SL-803829

Look at Behemoth. What strength it has! Images of this mysterious creature date to biblical times. The biblical story of Job reveals a complete description of the creature Behemoth, which might be compared to a hippopotamus, a dinosaur, or a mythical beast.
  • Scientific Name: Behemoth
  • Characteristics: This terrifying figure takes some of the classic Behemoth qualities like powerful legs and a thick tail and combines them with modern renditions like sharp teeth and spikes. The effect is striking.
  • Size and Color: A dark, seawater green contrasts with lighter horns and claws in this 5 inch long figure, making it about the size of a baking potato.
  • The Behemoth is part of the Safari Ltd. Fantasy Mythical Realms® collection