Papo Dilophosaurus


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Try not to encounter this one when you’re stealing Dinosaur DNA…

That’s right, it’s the famous dinosaur that attacked Nedry in Jurassic Park, when his jeep got stuck on the side of a mud hill. Though the film didn’t portray this guy perfectly, he was still no one to mess around with.

This figure shows by its excellent detail and design that the Dilophosaurus is crouched, and ready to strike. An excellent addition to your dinosaur collection, the Dilophosaurus has some pretty neat facts about it, like these:

  1. The Dilophosaurus is actually a lot bigger than the one featured in Jurassic Park, and can grow up to 20 feet in length, and stand 5 feet tall!
  2. It did not have frills going around its neck, nor is there evidence that the Dilophosaurus spit venom at its prey.
  3. Discovered relatively early, the Dilophosaurus was first excavated in the 1940’s in Arizona.
  4. The name Dilophosaurus means “Double-Crested Lizard.”
  5. There is a lot of speculation as to the purpose of the two crests that spring up from the Dilophosaurus’ nasal cavity, but there has never been a conclusive decision made as to what the crests were for. Some paleontologists say they were used for attracting mates, other speculate that they were used primarily for species recognition between one another.

Product Specifications:

  • Plastic Dilophosaurus figure
  • Durable, sturdy material
  • Very detailed in craftsmanship and coloring

* Papo figures are hand painted, and may vary slightly in color and pattern from the picture shown.