Dino Claws Collection


SKU: CL1765K

New book shape packaging : the box opens to show the entire collection! an original collection to learn about the fascinating world of dinosaurs. The pack contains 6 claws, perfect replicas of specimens held in museums, reproduced in scale 1: 1 and chosen among the species of the most famous dinosaurs existed: dromaeosaurus, ornithomimus, Velociraptor, albertosaurus, deinonychus, carcharodontosaurus. The collection is accompanied by a poster that explains the most significant features of the dinosaur to which echo claw belonged. All Geoworld products are manufactured using the highest quality and safety standards and are rigorously tested to ensure compliance with international safety protocols. The Geoworld production centers are subject to strict guidelines to ensure the maintenance and observance of these standards. Each product Geoworld: combines dexterity to learning. Contains tangible evidence of millions of years of Earth's history. Give a unique experience in the world of fossils, minerals, gems and dinosaurs. Is designed and engineered in Italy by a team of experts and scientists.