Dinosaur - Green Stegosaurus by Aurora


SKU: AUR-30797

If you want to hang out with a stegosaurus, you have two options. Build a time machine or get the Green Stegosaurus Stuffed Animal by Aurora. It seems like an obvious choice to us. You have to build that time machine! You owe it to the world. If you are capable of building a functioning time machine then do it. Sure, hanging out with this green stuffed stegosaurus is incredibly fun and rewarding. After all, it does have that cool green coloring with yellow spots and awesome brown plates to give it a realistic look. That's pretty cool. You'll never get to see it though since you'll be occupied with your time machine. It's too bad really.

This green stegosaurus stuffed animal is seven inches tall and, including the tail, it is seventeen inches long. Isn't that just a perfect size? You could have all kinds of fun with this stuffed stegosaurus. Alas, you're a time machine building genius. You have a duty to mankind. If only you could do both, build the time machine and get the Green Stegosaurus Stuffed Animal by Aurora.

Maybe, just maybe, there is a way! First, you get this stuffed stegosaurus and then you build the time machine. All great inventors need assistants, right? What is cooler than a stegosaurus assistant? Nothing, that's what! Problem solved. You're welcome. We just ask one favor in return. When you do finally travel back in time to hang out with a real stegosaurus, make sure to take your stegosaurus stuffed animal with you. We're not sure but we suspect that you might need an assistant that speaks dinosaur!

  • Measurements: 7in H x 6in W x 17in L
  • Smooth underside, dark yellow eyes
  • Soft, multicolored plush material