Parasaurolophus Sculpture (Cold-Cast Bronze)

Unicorn Studios

$59.95 $74.99

Try saying that name three times fast…

Take a trip back 76 Million years ago and find this amazing specimen, the Parasaurolophus! This plant-eating dinosaur is known for the large extension on the back of its skull, and wasn’t even discovered until the early 1900’s!

This figure, made from heavy cold-cast bronze, stands at approximately 6.5” tall and weighs enough to slaughter a wild boar if you’re able to aim straight between the eyes.

The detail sculpted into the figure is beyond awesome, and will surely draw the attention of all who encounter this adorable monster.

Product Specifications:

  • Cold-cast bronze material
  • Length approximately 8”
  • Weight 5lbs (like a bag of flour, only cuter, less messy, and won’t make your gluten-intolerant friends ill)
  • Very detailed in both sculpting and paint!
  • Very durable