Papo Parasaurolophus


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Don’t you just want to bring him home and name him Fido?

Much more gentle than the carnivorous beasts and famous gigantic terrors of the prehistoric world such as the Tyrannosaurus Rex or Velociraptor, the Parasaurolophus (that’s a mouthful) was a kinder creature, who fed on tasty vegetation rather than flesh.

This figure portrays a true-to-form representation of the Parasaurolophus, and has adorably amazing detail in its design. Sitting next to his dinosaur companions, the Parasaurolophus (Fido) makes an excellent addition to your dinosaur toy collection.

Here are a few facts about the Parasaurolophus:

  1. Though the hind legs are larger, the Parasaurolophus could actually walk on all fours!
  2. The crest coming from its skull has been widely agreed to serve several functions by paleontologists, including gender identification, body temperature regulating, and increasing hearing via sound resonance.
  3. It is estimated that the Parasaurolophus grew up to 32 feet in length, and weighed up to and over 2 tons!
  4. The Parasaurolophus was first discovered in 1920 after a partial skull was excavated.
  5. It has been estimated that the max speed that the Parasaurolophus could run was up to 25mph!

Product Specifications:

    • Plastic Parasaurolophus figure
    • Durable, sturdy material
    • Very detailed in craftsmanship and coloring
    • Size approximately 17.30 cm 5.30 cm 11.50 cm

* Papo figures are hand painted, and may vary slightly in color and pattern from the picture shown.